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  • Reservations: we do not offer reservations. Feel free to call us before you arrive however to see how busy we are and any estimated wait time. Please be patient though, as the new COVID reality might cause unexpected delays.
  • Catering: if you’re hosting a small event, you’ll probably find our “Family Bags” in our catering “takeout” menu sufficient.¬† For larger events or more detailed requests please call us to discuss¬† your needs and timing.
  • Gluten Free options: We are not certified to state any item is gluten free. That said we have a number of regulars who are celiac and will order our hot dogs and burgers without buns, pulled pork nachos, salads like our Cobb which is loaded with chicken, bacon, cranberries and more, any of the ribs or briskets too. However please realize we cannot guarantee anything. Only you can make the final decision on what may be suitable for your level of sensitivity.


145 South Main Street
Carver, MA 02330

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